How big are the risks of buying property now?

It’s not about when you buy it’s what you buy that really matters.  


With considerable media commentary indicating an imminent crash in property prices, Evan Thornley and Warwick Brookes recently presented a webinar to discuss How big are the risks of buying property now?. Backed by data on every sale price of every property in Australia for the past 50 years, they busted several myths during the live event.   


A forthcoming property market collapse is a recurring theme in the Australian press. Prestigious sources, such as the Australian Financial Review, suggested prices were at risk of a sharp correction on several occasions since 2010. But when was the last time the housing market actually crashed? 



So, what happened to the property market average over time?  



“It’s all about what you buy not when you buy”  

By comparing four properties purchased in 2011 for the same price and sold in 2021 for significantly different figures, Evan demonstrates that a rising tide does not lift all boats. In fact, the difference between buying well and badly can represent almost $1,000,000 over a decade. That is why he concludes that it’s all about what you buy, not when you buy”. 



Buying the right property 

There is no point in trying to time the market, especially if you purchase the wrong property. But how do you pick the right one? Having purchased thousands of properties for his clients, our head of Buyer Advisory, Warwick Brookes, explains the common mistakes to avoid.  


3 mistakes to avoid while buying property and ways to avoid them


1. Over-paying


2. Missing out


3. Panic buying


In essence, we have learned that How big are the risks of buying property now? is a misleading question from people who take the short view. To find the best properties that will resist the test of time, take the LongView. 



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